It Kind of Looks Like A Doughnut - 2019

IT KIND OF LOOKS LIKE A DOUGHNUT is a no-holds-barred girl’s eye view of the realities and responsibilities of having one more hole than a man has. It’s about living in a town where the miners’ welfare has recently been turned into a Londis, it’s about having a vagina, and it’s about what happens when the modern world, not to mention the vagina in question, kind of lets you down.

MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN - 2018-19 U.S. National Tour

A victorian horror story put on stage using one of the greatest thriller stories ever told, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

A Midsummer Night’s Dream - 2018-19 U.S. National Tour

A working of William Shakespeare's loving tale.

The Scar Test - 2017

Based on verbatim interviews, The Scar Test explores life inside Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre, a place in which those seeking safe haven are thrown into a dark world under lock and key where their lives are regulated, privacy is non-existent and where every detainee has a story to tell.

Mummy - 2017

Seventeen years ago, during break, Elizabeth lost her mother. She was sixteen. Today, a celebrated Egyptologist, Profesor Niccoll has returned as Guest of Honour to her secondary school's annual Alumni event. She has chosen to use the platform to promote her new book: MUMMY or the Art of Saying Goodbye. She knows everything about death.

Cracked Cocaine - 2017

A performance based after a two week R&D, Cracked Cocaine is a verbatim play about the addiction to FOBT betting.

Erik Satie's Faction - 2016

Written and performed by impressionist Alistair McGowan, Satie's Faction uses Erik Satie's poems, journal entries and interviews as verbatim to create the an interpretation of the inner world of his head. Features live performances of his work.

In Our Hands - 2015/17 UK Tour

Alf is a trawler fisherman whose experience, camaraderie and loyalty have put him and his boat at the top of the game. But times are changing and so is the industry. How will Alf adapt in order to survive? Follow a fish’s journey from sea to plate, watch a seagull’s ridiculous attempt to find food and witness a father and son reunite. In Our Hands will transport you out to sea, under the ocean and onto the deck of the Catcher’s Fortune.

Scenes From 68* Years - 2016

Told with typical Palestinian black humour, Scenes from 68* Years is an epic snapshot of life in Palestine, then and now. Palestinian-Irish playwright Hannah Khalil draws on stories from family and friends’ lives to paint this alternative picture – one rarely glimpsed in mainstream media.

Your Last Breath - 2011/12 UK Tour, 2016

4 stories spanning over 150 years, this show tells stories of mapping uncharted mountains, restarting someones heart after being frozen alive and saying goodbye to somebody you love.

The Knight From Nowhere / The Bells - 2015

Discovering he is lately deceased, Irving faces his final judgement in a whirlwind theatrical tour of his life, loves and memorable roles. To coincide with the 110th anniversary of Irving's death ACS Random is delighted to present an exciting new take, adapted from their acclaimed 2005 production, as well asThe Bells, the play that made Irving famous overnight.

5 Guys Chillin' - 2015/17 UK Tour

With more gay men falling into addiction, and an increase in incidents of chemsex related crime, this taut, sexy and unflinching verbatim drama has never been more urgent. Woven together using the real words of real guys found on Grindr, 5 Guys Chillin' is a state of the nation play addressing one of the most important public health crises of the 21st century.

Pioneer - 2014/15 UK Tour

The first human mission to Mars has disappeared without a trace.
Years later, a reclusive Indian billionaire is leading an ambitious collaboration to try again. Two Russian brothers drive a vintage Lada Sputnik 1.6 across Siberia in search of the birth of space travel. Imke and Oskar, a young Dutch couple living on Mars, are separated. At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Maartje holds onto a secret about her sister on the other side of the solar system. Pioneer questions when, how and why we must try to find a way to call other planets our home.

Hamlet - 2014

A victorian thriller twist on one of Shakespeare's most popular works.

The Kindness of Strangers - 2014 UK Tour

It’s 7:03pm on the front-line of the NHS ambulance service.
Sylvia is on her last shift. Lisa is on her first. The two women patrol the city streets, encountering the full spectrum of human experience. A once in a life time journey into the world of the paramedic, where the audience are invited into the back of a moving ambulance to witness all that comes with a night shift. A life-affirming tale of friendship and kindness from the most unlikely of places.

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